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Nashville Rapper, Jelly Roll, Calling it Quits After Nationwide Tour?

The music industry sure isn’t what it used to be….


If this was 20 years ago, heck even 10 years ago, Nashville rapper, Jelly Roll, wouldn’t have a worry besides what bank to keep his millions in. His daughter would be in the best care, the best clothing, and more. The reality is, it’s 2013 going on 2014, and the music industry has changed. Jelly Roll is one of the most known rappers in the entire south, but after a few years on the road, a few years barely getting by in life, Jelly called it quits via his facebook page…

Jelly Roll Retires

Jelly Roll Retires on Facebook???

The buzz that Jelly has right now, years ago would have easily meant a gold or platinum record. In today’s market, however, Jelly is just another starving artist. The release of his last project which got him into some legal issues with Waffle House….


..but he was getting fans, and he was gaining a buzz. He mentions in his Facebook “retirement post” that he wishes he had a “Tech N9NE moment of meeting a Travis O’Guin”, but the industry isn’t set up like that. Heck, Jimmy Iovine is selling headphones with Dr. Dre. (Yo, Dre when will detox finally drop? Yeah Right) Dre and Jimmy know what is up. Sure, there is a billion in one chance that you break through and become a Katy Perry is out there, but I can promise you, it is few and far between.

The new model of “making it” in the music industry is doing exactly what Jelly did. Touring the country, the world, and doing again and again. Artists are doing it,  just have to turn a profit and bring a revenue stream back in. Jelly is a smart guy, but I think he put too many people on his bill. He also didn’t have the right business strategy for touring. It takes money to make money, and I don’t think Jelly had that type of bank roll going into the touring.

Jelly Roll and his Daughter

Jelly Roll and his Daughter

It is a reminder to all you wanna-be rappers, all you think you can cut it MFers out there talking it, well Jelly walked it, and he is a beaten man right now. Trust me, if Jelly can’t do it, you will never have a chance…Maybe you should stop investing in your career, and invest a few bucks into Jelly because he had a better chance than anybody you know.


As for Jelly really calling it quits? I don’t see it happen. I think he will take a break, and come back with the right marketing scheme, business model, and idea to make it work. He has a fan base, and it is loyal. He doesn’t have a major label “look” like a Justin Timberlake or Usher, but it doesn’t matter. He has talent, bottom line. Adele didn’t have that “look” either and she seems to be ok.

I don’t want to see Jelly doing a kickstarter or anything of that nature, but if he has to do he has to do it.

As for Jelly calling himself a failure? Nope! No Way Mr. Roll!

You did it. You went out and lived the life on the road, it isn’t easy, it isn’t all glamour and lights, and you did it. You have inspired people all across the country, released music that has been heard from sea to sea, and you are anything but a failure.


Take some time off, really go lay drywall and call your PO and tell him you are “trappin”. Spend some months with your daughter, your family, and friends. Go fishing and eat some good cooking. Stay out of the studio, away from the stage, and out of the spotlight. We have enough Jelly Roll music to make our own mixtapes and albums and ringtones for now. Take some time away from music!

Take as long as you want, but please come back…..Hip Hop needs you. The South needs you. America needs you.

Get your mind right, big homie, and as you say in the song below, “what if this shit don’t work? you don’t know how to hang drywall, you ain’t no barber…”

You are a rapper, an MC, so step away, ………..but come back like Jordan wearing the 45. Shoot, come back like Jordan on the Wizards with the bad knees and no vertical. He still had moments of greatness, and in a lifetime of writing and covering musicians, you still have greatness left too. Don’t be selfish, we need to hear it….So drinks in the air, blunts getting rolled, here is to Jelly Roll and a nice long vacation!





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